Who would kick in the river and Boca, in the case of a definition by sanctions


Maybe it's the end that no fan wants, but it's one of the possibilities. After a 2-2 draw in the first leg at La Bombonera, a new draw at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium would force River it is a Mouth to set the champion of the All rights reserved. in an additional time. And, if parity persists, in the criminal.

Given this scenario, the practice of twelve-step auctions and the preparation of a provisional list of potential participants becomes critical. So many things Marcelo Gallardo as Guillermo Barros Schelotto they know this and that is why they have performed specific tests.

The one with the closest background is River, who on November 28 was eliminated in the semifinals of Argentine Cup in the hands of Gimnasia de La Plata. At that time, they kicked Lucas Prattto (lost) Leonardo Ponzio, Gonzalo "Piedade" Martinez, Rafael Santos Borré and Julián Álvarez (all converted) and Jonatan Maidana (deflected the shot).

This time it will not be the Colombian (suspended for the accumulation of warnings), so Gallardo should think of alternatives: Javier Pinola, Exequiel Palacios, Ignacio Fernández O Juan Fernando Quintero they appear as possibilities. It all depends on whether – being a holder or entering the bench of substitutes – they are in court at the close of the meeting.

Young Alvarez showed with his penalty against "El Lobo" and has the confidence of the coach. Although you are not the owner, you are likely to spend a few minutes on the add-on and be available to join the list.

Aware of the importance of having its players ready for an eventual definition of penalties, Gallardo did a specific practice on Saturday, in the last training of the team in the complex of Valdebebas. All players had a chance to practice shooting on the steps.

On the Boca side, Guillermo Barros Schelotto He also closed the proceedings with an essay focused on the maximum penalty. It was not the first time that "Xeneize" personnel have performed this type of exercise since their arrival in Spain.

Among the possible artists are Ramón "Wanchope" Ábila, Julio Buffarini, Carlos Izquierdoz, Mauro Zárate, Darío Benedetto, Carlos Tevez, Edwin Cardona and Lucas Olaza. It all depends on who is still on the court at the time of the definition.

Archers, another important factor:

Throughout his career Franco Armani He was in 43 regular time runs: 34 at Atletico Nacional, 5 at Deportivo Merlo, 2 at Nacional and 2 at River. In these opportunities he managed to save 7 shots, which represents a 16.3% efficacy

On the other hand, when faced with a definition of penalties (10), the millionaire referent diverted 11 of the 51 shots he received (21.6%). It all happened when he was in the Colombian entity, where he won 6 of the 10 resolutions (2 of them in the finals and both were before the Junior).

Another curious fact is based on Armani's past when he faced Sebastian Villa, who is part of the team "Xeneize". It happened when the coffee striker was in Deportes Tolima and at the crossroads of the quarterfinals of the tournament The finals of 2017 failed to break the resistance of the Argentine.

However, when former Atletico Nacional took the responsibility of executing the maximum penalty in the semifinals of the 2011 Colombia Cup, Armani threw his kick with a shot deflected off Boyacá Chicó.

In total, the Rio man received 94 adverse penalties, of which he cut 18 (19.1%).

According to statistics provided by Opta, A Elementary proficiency he was expelled 54 penalties in his career, of which he held ten. Since they were in Boca only had a run of the twelve steps (at the time regulating) and ended in the goal.

When he was in Lanús, the goalkeeper faced four definitions of penalties (two in the Argentine Cup, one in South America and one in Libertadores). In addition, he participated in a series as the Argentine goalkeeper Sub 20. In these cases he was kicked 30 times and cut five shots.

Its overall effectiveness of penalties is 18.5%.

In the current Copa Libertadores, neither Rio nor Boca had to solve their luck on penalties. An eventual twelve-step run will add a deep emotional to a series that has had many incidents.


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