Who wins the Copa Libertadores will celebrate at the Obelisk


After several marches and final determination on the official celebration of the champion leaving the Superfinal between Rio and Boca: the fans can celebrate in the Obelisk, which in turn will use the colors of the champion. It was decided after a meeting between the various security forces, as they confirmed Double Yellow.

"It's an emblematic place, a lot of people tend to go, we think it's okay to celebrate there," he said. "It will be able to be at the Obelisk celebrating the champion team. Guillermo Madero, Director of Sports Safety at Sportia & # 39; by TyC Sports.

"The deal involves the city and the province of Buenos Aires with the accesses. Guarantees are given, Conmebol is planning a ceremony that is as fast as possible and then people celebrate wherever they want, whether at the Obelisk or anywhere in the stadium "said Madero.

Regarding the entry of Monumental in the confrontation this afternoon, he said: "It is very important that people arrive three hours before the game.They come with a named entry in the hand and DNI.That they come in time but not before 13 , which is the moment when they open the doors of the stadium, "concluded the official.

Boca can not use La Bombonera

The government of the city of Buenos Aires ordered that the stadium xeneize be closed until Tuesday. That is why you can not open the field for a hypothetical celebration if there is a title in the Copa Libertadores.

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires has decided that La Bombonera will be closed until at least Tuesday,If Boca wins the Copa Libertadores against River this afternoon at Monumental, there will be no celebrations at the stadium as planned.

The closure was organized by public training open on Thursday, where more than 50,000 people gathered in the Alberto J. Armando to encourage players facing the Superfinal, in which there will be no visiting public.

Moreover, as has already been said Double Yellow, that The discharge of the leadership must be accompanied by a fine ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 600,000.


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