Saturday , October 16 2021

Who is Owen Blanco, the young "Di María" of the promotion that Boca bought

Has 16 years, has already debuted first and is part of the Argentine youth team. This is the curriculum that the young pearl you acquired Mouth in the last hours: the midfielder Owen White.

"Xeneize" paid you 2,224,000 pesos one Italian Sportivo by him 80% of the pass and made a contract for the youngster for three years. The club playing in the first C has 20% of the pass for a future sale, although it receives a maximum of $ 1,250,000 and will add $ 50,000 if it accumulates at least 10 matches as a professional.

Blanco began his career in the inferior with the jacket Huracán, but had his professional debut in May of this year in Italian and with only 15 years. During the last half, he added 9 calls to the reserve bench and entered two games (against Deportivo Armenio and Sportivo Barracas).

Those who follow him closely assure that his game is assimilated to that of Angel Di María, which generated interest in different institutions of the Super League. His 2018 could not have been better: in addition to Boca's debut and professional hiring, he received the first call from the Argentine national team in November to join sub 17.

The agreement with the Xeneize was reached earlier this month, although only in the last few hours has he signed the contract that will leave him in La Ribera for at least three seasons.

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