Who are the three members of the court who will solve the Boca's request for River to be disqualified – 11/27/2018


Boca Juniors clings to the decision of the Conmebol court of discipline to reach his goal: that Rio be disqualified and Xeneize consecrated champion of the Copa Libertadores of America.

Conmebol president Alejandro Dominguez of Paraguay has made clear his position that the title should be defined on the court and even said that the final will be played on December 8 or 9 and outside Argentina. This is why Boca adheres to the criteria of three people: Eduardo Gross Brown, Cristóbal Valdés and Amarilis Belisario.

The court is composed of five members, but for this particular case the Argentine was separated Hernán Pirota and by far the Brazilian Antonio Carlos Meccia.

Gross Brown is a renowned Paraguayan lawyer who has already participated in the 2015 remembered failure by pepper gas. There the court gave the game to River, after the suspension before the start of the second time at Bombonera.

Valdés, who works as a corporate lawyer and is the legal representative of Universidad Católica de Chile, has been a member of the court since May.

The third member is Venezuelan Belisario, the only woman in the court and who is legal advisor to the Venezuelan Football Federation.

All three participated in the Grêmio-Rio decision, rejecting the Porto Alegre team's request, which required River to be disqualified since Marcelo Gallardo broke the sanction of entering the locker room. And also of the punishment to the DT of the River. In addition, Valdés also played an important role in the different resolutions of the Disciplinary Unit in the various judicial processes that occurred in this Copa Libertadores.

The ruling is delayed because Boca expanded the complaint.

The ruling is delayed because Boca expanded the complaint.

Pirota and Mecca were also left out of the vote in the case of Grêmio's claim, which called for River's disqualification and the sanction against Marcelo Gallardo.

Gross Brown, Valdés and Belisario had everything ready to settle on Tuesday, but Boca expanded their claim and now the River will have 24 hours to give sight.


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