"White hips": women have taken new music video by Mon Laferte | TV and Shows


The Chilean singer continues talking with her album Standard, of which we already knew the singles Because I went to fall in love with you and The kiss.

On this occasion, Mon Laferte chose to reflect in video for all types of women, with the idea of ​​breaking with the canons of beauty that are imposed in the media, and thus enjoy the natural beauty.

In a very colorful place, the dance body accompanies Mon with a choreography that aims at people to learn, just as it was with the challenge with the stages of Love me.

The letters go in the characteristic line of the interpreter, that is to say, it is a music overflowing in romanticism and sensuality.

Mon Laferte / Instagram

Mon Laferte / Instagram

"Take my hips white, Take what you want, there's nothing left to lose." Shake me kisses, give me space, I want to lose myself in the shin of your skin "To dedicate, no?

In the clip, the artist said in a statement: "You can see this diversity of women with white hips, with brown hips, wide hips, soft hips, firm hips, all kinds of women It is a declaration of love and freedom and of wanting to enjoy love with someone, a couple and enjoy This is what this song is about.


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