Which sport is best for your age?


It is already known that sports are beneficial for physical and mental health.

Performing activity routinely can reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes, for example.

It also improves the mental aspect, because by exercising the body increases the level of endorphins (also called "Hormone of happiness") that influences our mood and self-esteem.

According to the BBC, Professor of Physical Therapy Julie Broderick of University Center College Dublin, published an article called "The Conversation" where, among other things, she explored which sports are appropriate according to the time of life we ​​are.

The specialist said that for childhood it is important to play or the playful aspect of the sport. Good examples would be swimming, ball games or wrestling.

Broderick expanded that adolescence loses interest in the sport, especially in women. For this reason, it is important to enter the world of sports because, at a complicated age, it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Two good sports, he says, are swimming and athletics.

The twenties, says the expert, is the best for practicing sports since the body reaches its maximum points of reaction and recovery. The body also pumps oxygen faster than ever before. Recommend rugby, rowing or weights.

From the age of 30, he argues, work, family and affective obligations are greater, which is why he recommends high intensity sports, but in short periods of time. He advises cycling, especially the practice of sprints and running.

The expert added that at age 40 you start to gain weight and it is important to do resistance work with gym and weights as it attacks the accumulation of fat and reverses the loss of muscle mass between 3 to 8 percent for each decade of life. . The woman also advises to start practicing running and pilates.

At age 50, he states that physical decline is accentuated as well as the onset of chronic diseases and heart. I recommend walking or running with ankle bands and practices like yoga.

At age 60 there is an even greater risk of chronic diseases, but the good news is that exercise will combat this risk. For this decade, Broderick advises ballroom dancing or light hiking.

From the age of 70, the specialist said that to improve physical, mental and cognitive health, it is important to exercise, although always under medical care. Walking is the most recommended, indicates.

Although accurate, these are not mandatory parameters because there are different organisms, cases and situations.

However, for the practice of any sport, it is necessary and even obligatory to submit, at least once a year, strict and complete medical checks.



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