Thursday , October 21 2021

where to find the gold rings


Cross the gold rings with a plane AlaTormenta X-4s is Fortnite's fifth 14-day challenge, the Christmas event that will keep Fortnite players entertained through the new year. Like every day, this new challenge has just been activated and we can complete it to unlock a new cosmetic item.


To finish this challenge you must know where the gold rings are in Fortnite, something that you will discover a little below in this guide, while we will give you practical advice so that you can complete the challenge in a single game (for now we have found 13 rings, more than enough to overcome the challenge).

With the recommendation that you start the journey from the airfield to go through the first golden ring, these are the exact places you will have to pass, not just with the map we made, but step by step in each one. from them.

Of course, you should only go through five gold rings to get the special suitcase that proposes the challenge within this 14 days of Fortnite.

1 – In Lomas Lúgubres, in one of the mausoleums closest to the mountain.

2 – About the pool of the golf club Sociedad Sibarita.

3 – To the east of Socavón Soterrado, in a forest (it is very close to the ground)

4 – In the great rock that is northeast of Aldehuela Alegre, in the snowy area.

5 – At the Arctic Airfield, but just behind the hangars, heading southwest (under an ice arch).

6 – Also in the Arctic Airfield, if you follow the lane straight, towards the northeast, you will find another ring.

7 – In the watchtower that is in Soto Solitario.

8 – In the Tomato Temple, hidden among the trees to the west of the area.

9 – In what was formerly known as Botín Botín / Poza Permeable, between the two buildings.

10 – Southeast of Chopped Floors, hidden between two not too high cliffs.

11 – At the top of a raised area, stone and with many Tyroleses, to the west of Socavón Soterrado.

12- Northeast of the Ribera Repipi, in front of the mansion of the season 4 carved in the rock.

13-Under a stone arch in the desert area, southwest of Ostentatious Oasis.

There are also other gold rings in Lomas Lúgubres (attached to the mountain), on the large rock northeast of Aldehuela Alegre and northeast of Ribera Repipi, next to the mansion. The reward, as we have said, is this combat crown as an accessory for backpackers when you go through at least five hoops.

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