Thursday , August 5 2021

When, where and how can you see the "super moon of the wolf blood" and the lunar eclipse?

The astronomical phenomenon can be seen in different countries between the Sunday of 21h30 and the second until midnight.

When, where and how you can see the

The event will occur when the moon, which will be closer to the Earth, will be completely wrapped in a reddish or orange robe. O "Show" can be seen in some North America, South Americawest of Europe and Africa.

In Latin America, the schedule is estimated between 23:36 and 04:48 p.m. and the total apogee time of the phenomena will be 2.12 for Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

When, where and how you can see the

The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon and Sun are positioned perfectly aligned and the period is expected to last at least more than three hours.

The show caught the attention of the experts, because it will occur simultaneously to a Supermoon, which is the moment when 10% more is reaching the surface of the Earthand this is how it can be observed on a larger scale than normal.

When, where and how you can see the

"Wolf Blood Moon" is the name by which it has been known since the Middle Ages to refer more closely to esoteric ideas for the full January moon that was assimilated with the wolf howls in the middle of winter nights.

The astronomical spectacle is realized during a total lunar eclipse in which the moon and the sun align, and the atmosphere of the Earth will be responsible for filtering the blue and green light of the respective solar rays, but it will leave the red one.

This Monday at dawn you can enjoy Cordoba a total eclipse of the moon

So the moon will finally be dyed with the reflection of the reddish glow that the atmosphere will provide and form the so-called super-sangria that can be seen in some parts of the planet where the lunar eclipse can be observed.

Experts argue that to enjoy the event, the most preferable is to go to a beach or a forest since in these spaces there is little light pollution and the phenomenon can be clearly seen.

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