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"When I swear I will give up my fueros"


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November 9, 2019 13:21

The future provincial press was linked to the allegation of sexual abuse that Anna Chiara initiated her priest, Ricardo Biasotti.

Authentic Polish Granata
Photo: Amalia Granata received a receipt.

Last days, Amalia Granata if you come uncooked in one sad situation in what accuse to form part of an act of child abuse.

Every week I spent the last week future provincial diputada reveló details about her alleged what Anna Chiarahija in Andrea del Boca y Ricardo Biasotti– le haría a su priest per sexual abuse.

“Saturday contains as a recurring journalist that I have found a situation in a conciliation where he has offered to give up this cause and if he has not given up, he will accuse him of alleged sexual abuse in the media,” he explained.

Amalia Granata about the possible denounces for abuse against Biasotti: “Sé de su dolor”

And then: “Fioribello – Del Boca's lawyer – sends me a letter of injustice and calumnias because it also contains a real thing that existed in 2009. He detained him, falling 10 days imprisoned in devotee for a long time. extortion ”.

“It is in the saying that in the arrested estuvo, only the one with the antecedents. why, because when he detains him and hacks his process and justice, if he detains and has no antecedents, he gives him the benefit of having probation and his antecedents, ”reveals Granata.

In this same line, I recognized: “I am not teaching, you are real. If he understood that he said he was an extortioner, at no time did he say so. If I understand that I have the extortion claim, I am quick to apologize because I did not go there. ”

Video: HD Radio Miter.

Luego, Amalia gives details about her accusation which I received this week: "The lunes appear a woman in a television program guilty of a serious crime, which for me and the criminal bell is an aberration, child sexual abuse and pedophilia."

“Salió saying that I am involved in a cause, that she went to the expedients and that she is my name and last name. That I had a 4-year-old girl in my bed and hacking participating in sex with my partner and that she saw pornography ”, says her journalist referring to it complaint what Anna Chiara amenazó con hacerle su priest.

granata biasotti
Photo: Amalia Granata received a receipt.

Además, detalló how it was buried of dicha complaint: “When I see this accusation, it is so serious, harmful and aberrant that I was in person, and I was in Santa Fe. Al mediodía, this disconcerted woman feels to hacerme this imputación ”.

“Vine coming back from allah, I went to Microcentro to a shift inspectorate. Presenting myself before the prosecutor, I made a statement and a complaint to this woman for injuries, calumnias and coactive ammunition, ”said Granata.

And I explained why I caratularon her cause: “The threat is because women are calling on political parties to unite so that they cannot assume that they are influenced by moral inability by a supposed cause that does not exist. I'm not involved in any cause of sexual abuse. ”

Anna Chiara del Boca analyzes reporting her priest for sexual abuse

Finally, la piped electconfession: “As long as I was handed the diploma, I had to do it. I do not want fueros, when I swear I will give up my fueros. I am at the disposal of Justice, I have nothing to hide. ”

“Make me available to the inspector, and I asked you to do me expertly, my partner, my friends. I make myself fully disposed of justice and renounce my fueros, ”concluded Amalia in“Authentic Polino“.

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