Saturday , October 23 2021

"When a man was nineteen …", the terrible confession of Catherine Fulop


Like many other women in the entertainment world, Catherine Fulop referred to the complaint of rape that Juan Darths received from his colleague Thelma Fardn of the time when both work on "Ugly Duckling" and now forces the actor to move to Brazil because of the repudiation he generated in front of the people for publicly disclosing this nasty fact happened in 2009 in Nicaragua.

For this reason, the Venezuelan actress felt identified with Fardn's denunciation and recorded in a profound interview with Para magazine an intentional rape that she herself suffered 30 years ago in her native country. "Mir, I'll tell you something about which I said very little in my life, because it's a memory I've tried to block: When I was 19 and living in Venezuela, a man took me to a casting and tried to rape me. I was saved very little, almost by chance and because I made him believe that if he allows me to know him better, later we can have a relationship, a link that ends in sex", revel.

And when asked if anyone can doubt Fardn's claim against Darths, Oriana's mother emphasized: "But of course! How will I doubt your story? The feeling you have after such an experience is so bitter, so horrible that when I saw the video of Thelma, I felt that it had happened yesterday, I relived everything and I could not stop crying. Immediately I sent a message, I offered my love and support. For what Thelma needs, be there. For that evil being (Darths) I want to get this far from my life"

Precisely his daughter, the pairing of soccer player Paulo Dybala, left his position very clear when the terrible denunciation against Darths was known through the collective "Actresses Argentinas". And there, Oriana publishes in social networks in a forceful way: "Thanks to the Argentine Actresses and to all the women for raising the voice, something that today costs so much, I admire them deeply".

He added: "I regret that there are still sick people who need the curiosity to see to believe, but they know that they are no longer alone, we are thousands and this #SeVaACaer." In addition, in his official profile on Twitter could be observed a large number of messages that he shared and that were made by colleagues like Sofi Morandi, Lizy Tagliani, Gimena Accardi and even his mother.

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