Saturday , October 23 2021

WhatsApp users can make money transfers through the app


WhatsApp Users they can make money transfers through the application, thanks to the fact that the Facebook network will be working on the development of a crypto-currency. The first market where this new option of the application will be launched will be India.

In this way, those using WhatsApp can transfer money through this platform, according to the report. Bloomberg. The idea is to cast a stable or stablecoin currency; I mean a currency whose value is linked to some asset, which in this case will be the dollars. In this way, the goal is to minimize the volatility of the crypto-currency.

In this sense, Rope is an example of stablecoin that has been in the spotlight because refused to be audited to corroborate whether the criptomoeda was in fact supported by dollarsas they say. Meanwhile, the company will be designing the blockchain that will support that currency and the strategy to carry out this initiative.

According to the new project, once the technical and administrative aspects have been resolved, implement this initiative in India, where it has more than 200 million users. In addition, the market will be indicated, not only by the number of users, but by the number of transactions that can be made through the application.

Meanwhile, India is one of the nations where this type of transactions are most realized. In 2017, $ 69 billion was shipped to India, according to World Bank data. In this context, the introduction of a virtual currency that works through WhatsApp will be a company that can work perfectly.

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