WhatsApp tricks to know if you've been blocked without being detected – 18/12/2018


WhatsApp is the Argentines favorite application to communicate. We use to talk with family, friends, colleagues and even with our bosses. But unfortunately sometimes we're blocked by another person, although WhatsApp does not state directly: how can we know?

The best and most civilized is to ask directly. You can send a message through another platform, an email, or a lifetime phone call and ask. You may have a broken phone, have decided to delete your account, do not use it often or change the number.

Next, we tell you 3 simple and concrete ways know if they have effectively blocked you from a WhatsApp contact list

Check another number

If you have a family member or friend in your hand, you can ask them to see if the person you suspect is actually connected. Of course, if you do not have it on the agenda, you should add it first.

If this second person sends you messages (with two accents) or observes a new profile photo or a date of the most recent recent dateHis suspicions were well-founded and blocked you.

Add a contact to a group

WhatsApp groups have many uses, but the most interesting in this case is to create a group with the person we suspect has blocked us.

Select create a new conversation and add the specific person. If it does not block everything, it will work if there are problems and it will automatically appear in the group. If WhatsApp tells you that there is an error, it is likely that you have blocked.

If you do not connect or change your profile picture

More or less, we all connect on a regular basis. If the person we suspect he used to connect and for days he did not respond could have blocked you. We can know by entering your profile by clicking on your name in the conversation.

In your profile, we can see the last connection date or if it is online. If you are "Connected," you have not been blocked, but you may suspect that it was made if you have not logged in for a long time.

The image of each profile can also be an indication. Once someone blocks us, they stop updating your image on our phone, so if someone has changed and connected frequently, but has not been renewed for some time, it may have blocked you.

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