WhatsApp plans to block access to chats by using a key or fingerprint


The company evaluates a biometric identification system to limit access to conversations in order to strengthen user privacy Credit: Courtesy WABetaInfo

The service

instant messages


plans to add a new security feature that will protect the privacy of chats, according to a report from
WABetaInfo, the site of reference to know what will be the news that will have the application of



According to the report, an evaluation version limited to a small group of users confirmed the existence of
Authentication feature, a feature that will unlock access to chats using the biometric identification system. This way, by enabling this function, the chat application will be completely protected, and the user should verify his identity through his fingerprint.

WABetaInfo, which had access through trial version 2.19.3, mentioned that this protection will be complete for the entire application and can not be selected for a specific chat. If you experience problems with fingerprint identification, WhatsApp will allow you to use the device account, used on an iPhone or Android phone, to access the chat using a username and password.


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