WhatsApp Gold: returned the virus that steals your data and here's how to avoid it


WhatsApp Gold: returned the virus that steals your data and here's how to avoid it

The malware, which offers a purported "premium" version of the chat service, has come back into circulation in recent days. How not to be infected.

The coup that began in 2016 is back in circulation this year: it's an invitation to download a "Gold" or "Premium" version of WhatsApp, the instant messaging application, which is actually a virus.

Supposedly, this version of the messenger offers unique features and advantages that the original application does not have. Of course, it's fake: all they're looking for is for people to install this malware from a strange link, not from the official Google Play or App Store platform, for Android or iOS, respectively.

Besides a link to download this supposed special version of the messenger, there are also chains that seek to "avoid" the damage. "Today the radio was talking about Watshap Gold and it's true.There is a video that will be released tomorrow in Wattsap and it's called Martinelli.Do not open Enter your phone and nothing you do will fix it.Spread the message if you know If you get a message to update WattSapp Gold * Do not open! They just announced that the virus is serious.Move all of them, "says one of the messages that circulate. He is so infamous that he mentions WhatsApp in three different ways.

Among the false promises of this alternate app are sending up to 100 images at a time, deleting messages for longer, and more importantly, more emojis. A while back, there was a "Plus" version of the messenger, which also was not cool: users who had it installed had to remove it from their computers so they blocked the account.

How can you avoid this type of attack? Not installing unknown applications. We also do not need to click on links to strange pages that route us to a WhatsApp chain. What if we want to install another version of messenger? Do not do this: they're always scams.

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