WhatsApp, at the last moment could incorporate a long awaited emoji


There is one of the most anticipated emoji for the WhatsApp platform. The claim of this image in the most used application in the world takes some time.

Over time, the company that decides which designs appear on our keyboard, Unicode, has expanded the wide range of emojis. For Whatsapp Also announced was the incorporation of some new ones as a superhero, a pawn, a puzzle piece, the flag of the United Nations. Even the pirate flag. But there was one that was still missing: the transgender community.

Finally Whatsapp Beta for Android version 2.19.56 could incorporate the emoticon of the transgender flag. However, this new emoji is not yet visible.

The transgender community was on a war footing to put the flag in the application. The symbol was one of the most requested of last year. So it was only a matter of time before someone started a campaign dedicated to claiming it.

There were even mobilizations of activists who collected signatures for Unicode to incorporate the banner of the collective. The idea came after the appearance of the lobster emoji and the transgender flag was ignored.

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