WhatsApp added a function to not send messages to the wrong user


June 20, 2019 – 19:39
Android version 2.19.173 of the messaging app will arrive in the next few days.

WhatsApp continues to add features week after week to try to improve the service and help users. Last application update can prevent more than one person from experiencing an uncomfortable situation when sharing photos or videos.

The new? In the beta version of WhatsApp, it will notify the users who are the contacts who will receive these multimedia files.

The new feature, which also works for group chats, has been added in the latest version 2.19.173 for Android.

According to WA Beta Info's specialized website, before sending images or videos to another contact, the user can see the name of the person who will receive the message. This information will appear below the section to add a comment. After this function, the apologies end up confusing the group or the recipient of a photo or video.

Whatsapp beta for Android 2.19.173: details of the recipients when a photo is taken to send !, They have indicated from the web that they usually access the new features of the messenger.

Other WhatsApp news

The application continues to attempt to eradicate bulk or automated shipments to the service, and said that as of December 7 of this year it could block, for a set time or forever, those who violate its terms of use.

"If you violate our & # 39; Conditions & quot; or & quot; Policies & quot ;, we may take action on your account, including your disqualification or suspension, in which case you will not be able to create another account without our permission" , warned the company. These measures will also apply to the WhatsApp Business & # 39; business-oriented application.

The company may take legal action against users or companies that do not comply with the regulations of the platform. "Let's do this only when we have evidence of abuse," they explained.


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