What will open on the May 1 holiday?


On April 9, the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT) decided that on Wednesday, May 1, for the purposes of Labor Day, there is no means of public transportation. This does not technically mean a transport stop, but a measure of struggle settled at a general assembly that will affect commercial trains, buses, subways, ships and aircraft, nucleated under the orbit of the Union Tranviarios Automotor (UTA), one of the main corporations members of the Confederation.

The measure means a claim for "recasting of income tax on wages and an immediate salary increase from emergency to retirees", according to trade union spokesmen, is driven by the leader of Dredging and Beaconing Juan Carlos Schmid and adopted by all areas of the industry. According to leading trade union leaders, it is not profitable for employees to work on May 1 and collect the holidays because the income ends up being consumed by the profits.

"We are not making a strike, let's make it clear, we have told the current government and the we do not want to work on national holidays anymore because we do it for free, as income tax increases, "said UTA chief Roberto Fernández.

The main shopping centers of the country will remain closed. It's one of the three days of the year – including December 25 and January 1 – when they do not open their doors. So much that the Unicenter as District Arches, Alto Palermo and Alto Avellaneda, DOT, Paseo Alcorta, Pátio Bullrich and Abasto will not be an option for those who are going to walk the holiday. Those who have normal activity are some of the cinemas in the country, but will depend on each complex.

The same will happen with supermarkets. No major stores in major country networks will be open on Labor Day, a position they adopted decades ago. Shops or small shops, as well as "Chinese" mini-markets, do not have a uniform posture.

For schools and public bodies, it governs a holiday logic. There will be no classes in public and private schools and state buildings and court offices will not open.

Hospitals will have a similar operation on Sundays: only medical guards and emergencies will be present.

Banks will also be closed. There will be no personalized attention and only home banking systems and ATMs will be operating.

The Book Fair will remain open. Not so much the libraries, theaters and museums: the Museum of Modern Art, the Usina del Arte, the Colón Theater, the 25 de Mayo Cultural Center, the Recoleta Cultural Center, the Buenos Aires Theater Complex, the General Directorate of Education. Artistic, the National Museum of Decorative Art, the Cultural Center Rojas, the MALBA are some of the cultural activities canceled for the holiday.


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