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What time does San Lorenzo – Hurricane? – 11/25/2018

While the result of the Copa Libertadores is a mystery and one does not know when the decisive game will be played, there is another classic with controversy. When the super final was postponed to Sunday 25, San Lorenzo and Hurricane had to postpone the meeting that was agreed at the same time as River-Boca which finally was not contested either. And now, moreover San Lorenzo refused to play within 48 hours and Globo threatened to claim the points, the Superliga ended the matter.

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"The Super League reports that San Lorenzo – Hurricane, a game that had to be scheduled by regulation tomorrow (Monday), will not be challenged because City Safety recommends not play games on the eve of the G20, will be remarked by the Council", said in a statement on Twitter's official account. Clarito.

Nadur and Lammens met Olé and drank their coffee. (Gustavo Ortiz)

How did the problems begin? Due to a request made by Cyclone not to play this Monday night or Tuesday, in order not to harm his fans, Matías Lammens spoke with Olé and fixed his position: "We can not accept that our partners are disrespected in this way." And at the touch, Alejandro Nadur, president of the hurricane, threw wood into the fire. "The game with San Lorenzo should be played between tomorrow and the end, we have to comply with the rules to the letter, we present six proposals to play on Monday or Tuesday, with the public, without hearing, in the capital or province Lammens is not serious, if they can not build the game, let's ask for the three points ", he told TyC Sports.

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But with the launch of the Super League, San Lorenzo was not so responsible for suspension of the classic and so the hurricane can not ask to win the game. Only on Tuesday there will be news and the most viable is that they end up playing in 2019. This story will continue …

The hurricane issued a statement urging it to play within 48 hours.

The hurricane issued a statement urging it to play within 48 hours.

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