What Mouth showed as a novelty: the transition of the team Mellizo to that of Gustavo Alfaro will not be so fast or simple


Alfaro has a thought closer to that of Bianchi Source: Télam

Guillermo Barros Schelotto did not cost him so much


have your seal. Although there were players who preferred others, when he took over at Ribera in 2016 he had to replace Rodolfo Arruabarrena, a coach with a profile similar to the Mellizo. A subtle difference, perhaps: the Basque tried to give more value to the possession of the ball, to the elaboration; Guillermo thought of more vertical and explosive football. And although after finishing making several additions, he had (since the characteristics) players to start his cycle in his own way.

Gustavo Alfaro,

who in his official debut against Newell's 1-1 draw does not run with that advantage for two reasons.

1) Ideologically, Alfaro has a thought closer to that of Carlos Bianchi and Julio César Falcioni than that of Barros Schelotto and Arruabarrena.

2) While Vasco and Mellizo took on adverse and unfavorable situations, with a Boca in crisis, the context that Alfaro had to disembark was – the soul – more negative, with all that entails for Xeneizes to lose the final of the tournament. Copa Libertadores with the river.

Alfaro had known, since he'd set foot in Boca, that he should work against the clock. The reading he did in terms of features is that he received a team where he had many attackers, but lacked midfield that allowed him to play with more "balance" of the scheme 4-4-2, which most identified him in his career as a player. DT. For that, he lacked external midfielders. For example, for the right sector had to resort to a wing, such as Cristian Pavón or Sebastian Villa, or overtake a side like Julio Buffarini. On the left, he had three left-backs (Mas, Olaza and Fabra), but no left-hander made the outer lane.

Of the characteristics, Alfaro did not have a 5 of hierarchy that fights the possession of Wilmar Barrios nor a central left-hand one. That's why he thought of

Iván Marcone

and ended up getting Junior Alonso, although his first alternative was Walter Kannemann. And predicting that almost certainly he would lose with sales to Nández or Barrios, also came the Colombian Jorman Campuzano. For the bands he thought about Angel Gonzalez, promising Godoy Cruz, and Marcos Acuña, Sporting Lisbon, although none came. And that's why he held out his hand to

Bebelo Reynoso,

He saw this as the greatest connector of all, the player with a filtered pass can generate a goal chance. Lisandro Lopez's record, which he directed for Arsenal, not only aims to be a reliable substitute for Izquierdoz and Alonso and an advantage for the Goltz injury, but is also a center that makes the goals on the balls stop. The only reinforcement that arrived in an area where he already had two reliable (Andrada and Rossi) was the bow: Marcos Diaz. But coaches tend to look for ex-runners and instead locate them in their column (1, 2, 5, 10, 9) to reduce the processes of "understanding" between what a TD asks of the tactician and what a squadron captures to apply it the field of play.

The decision to put Tevez as 10 and captain was another bet for the collective psychic reaction (for the final lost with River) than for a true conviction of Alfaro to see the best Apache. But in search of identity and another break with the Twin cycle, he understood that – as a beginner – it was a test that should not be discarded. Alfaro wants a Boca with greater presence when it comes to recovering the ball and tactically more reliable.

How much of this was seen before Newell? Several things. From a 4-2-3-1 scheme, Boca remained more tactical than the positional, tried to put their lines closer and had an interesting first 15 minutes with one-touch attacks and good performances between Tevez, Pavón and Benedetto, that He had three chances of goal. With Marcone being the first pass and Barrios playing a little ahead of the usual. But if the stage was not favorable for the visitor, less was after a goal by Maxi Rodríguez, who after receiving a Formica cross crossed crossed to the upper right corner of Andrada. As in the summer friendlies,

Junior Alonso

was exposed before a feint of Figueroa at the beginning of the play.

Alfaro gives importance to the stopped balls and there were elaborate singing actions, although they did not leave. Tevez was one of the executors, something that is not his specialty. Perhaps the one who did not gravitate was the captain. Although he displayed an attitude and tried to be participatory, his level was weak. Even Pavón, even appearing more timelessly, brought more danger than the 10. And Tevez was eventually replaced by Wanchope Abila. Other

Mauro Zarate

by Bebelo and Campuzano by Barrios tried to give him more offensive weight and a burst of ex-Velez came the center and the very good definition of



But beyond the intentions, it is clear that the transition from Boca del Mellizo to Boca de Alfaro will not be easy or quick.


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