What kind of sport should you practice according to your age?


The beneficial effects of sports on health are known and valid for all ages. However, not adapting the physical routine to age can have several problems: on the one hand, cause injuries, on the other hand, causing abandonment.

These are the activities that doctors and sports experts recommend for each stage of life.

At 20

This is the decade of our life where we can reach our best physical level, according to experts, so those who are still in their twenties should try demanding sports like rugby, rowing, weights or stunts before it's too late . .

Physical activity

At 30

Not so young at this age, maintaining strength and cardiovascular health is important, but also challenging. The performance of sedentary jobs or family obligations can cause many to leave physical activity aside at this stage of life. Experts recommend doing short-term but high-intensity training sessions (known as HIIT), running, pedaling, running or reducing rest times when doing resistance circuits.

At 40

It is an age when many begin to gain weight. According to experts, the use of force in a workout attacks the accumulation of fat and reverses the loss of muscle mass, between 3 to 8% per decade of life. It is also a good age to adopt the routine of running and thus protect the heart.

Moisturize after physical activity

At 50

You have to be very careful with this age: those who remain trained do not stop feeling young, but in the sedentary appear pains and the famous "pains." In women, the low level of estrogen can be felt more or less depending on the physical state. The advice of experts is, on the one hand, include two resistance work sessions each week to maintain muscle mass, perform cardiovascular exercises like walking or running, and on the other hand do something completely different like taichi or yoga to work out balance

Since the 60's

After age 60, there is more risk of chronic illness, but exercise reduces the chances of these problems appearing. The most advisable exercises at this age are ballroom dancing and light strength and flexibility exercises, twice a week, which do not have much impact on the joints. According to La NaciĆ³n, water aerobics and yoga are also recommended. After age 70, it is better to walk and do other activities, but consult your doctor about the possibilities of each.


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