What is the penalty for the woman with the flares? – 11/26/2018


One of the most unhappy images seen this weekend, on the eve of the failed rematch between River and Boca for the Copa Libertadores final, was the mother who decided to use her son to hide the flames she intended to enter Monumental. The woman was caught at the right moment and the video toured the world.

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Upon hearing the images, the prosecutor Adriana Bellavigna initiated an investigation with the Judicial Investigation Agency of the City, and They were able to identify women with digital software and a task of collecting social networks. "Image processing software and work with social networks was fundamental, in the images shown, it was possible to detect the use of a clock in the person who placed the flames on the child, an object that was observed in another image in a social network associated with those identified, " said in a statement from the prosecutor's office.

A woman beats the flames of her son's body to enter the stadium

Video: Twitter @ populardiario.

Finally, the police went to the woman's home, where she lives with her husband and four children, they invaded the property and, according to the statement, were arrested for the crime of endangering the child's life, punishable by articles 106 and 107 of the Penal Code. In addition, the Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents began the task of assessing the child's father and older siblings.

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WhatWhat crime is imputed to the mother?

Abandonment of the person (Penal Code)

Art. 106– or to which the same author has been incapacitated, shall be punished by imprisonment for two to six years. The penalty shall be imprisonment for three to ten years if, as a result of the abandonment, it results in serious damage to the body or the health of the victim. If the death occurs, the penalty will be five to fifteen years of imprisonment or imprisonment. (text according to law 24410).

Art. 107.- The maximum and minimum penalties established in the previous article will be increased by one third when the crime was committed by the parents against their children and by them against them or the spouse. (text according to law 24410).

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