What is the most serious disease that AIDS?: The disease that is killing more people than HIV | Cheers


O Hepatitis B is one of the diseases that spreads every time faster, which is transmitted through the blood and the body fluids and invade cells hepatic until it seriously affects the liver is causing everyone year the death of one million people across the planet.

Currently, over 250 million of people are bearers of the hepatitis B virus, a number that is more than seven times greater than that of patients with HIV, Nature reported.

This terrible disease killed the life of millions of people, that as a result of having hepatitis B other people have suffered other diseases such as liver cancer O cirrhosis

This despite the fact that this variant of hepatitis can be impeded Through a vaccine, and it is also possible to treat it with the same medicines anti-retroviral used to fight HIV.

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The infection is known as silent epidemic because initially their patients do not present symptoms. The main transmission routes are blood from mother to child during childbirth, or injections and transfusions contaminated blood and contact sexual no protection

O World Health Organization notes that the way to protect against this disease is through a vaccine, which has an efficiency ofl 95% to avoid any infection chronic, it is very safe and its protection lasts at least 20 years.


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