Monday , June 14 2021

What is said at the tables

With many summer returns, the operating tables again showed an activism similar to any month of the year. Another return was the dollar for the BCRA's comfort zone, which restored carry trade recalculations. Fixed-term interest rates in pesos have fallen more than 10 points in the last thirty days. However, BCRA data show that fixed terms in private pesos grew by 4.8% per month this month and already surpassed US $ 1.05 billion (something like US $ 27 billion). How long will investors wait until April, May, or STEP? It is certainly one of the millions of questions. Meanwhile, in the market, portfolio managers continue trading cards and observe the maintenance of the portfolio pesification strategy. Some, who are now going to spend the summer, distribute positions and collect part of the kite, or dolarizam. Many investigations with foreign funds in debt restructuring scenarios, with a view to who wins in October 2019. For now, noted a well-known local manager, big hands are quiet with their long papers because if there are no unpleasant surprises, They know that will sit at the negotiating table, as in Kiev, and may receive another "PBI coupon". Will the store return? There is much talk of the election campaign, despite the distance. But what is talked about at the tables is how "taxpayers" are turning to their "black" bottoms. So they ask their private bankers to "bring" some money to contribute to the candidates. Between the "notebooks" and other herbs, the issue of funding the campaign is complicated. At the moment, offshore jugglers are taking full action.

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