Monday , April 19 2021

What is known and what is not of the formations of Boca and Rio to the superfinal of the Copa Libertadores?

Has begun the most important week to the river and Boca. The week ends on Saturday at age 17. The Monumental stadium will set the stage for the 2018 Copa Libertadores, in the most important final in the history of Argentine and South American football.

After the 2-2 draw in the first leg at Bombonera, next Saturday there will be a champion. One of them will celebrate and raise the Liberators. The other will bite the bitter taste of a defeat that no one wants to imagine.

As Rio and Boca are today six days of the big game, what decisions should take Marcelo Gallardo and Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who will play for sure and who will have to gain a place in the next trainings.


1 Gallardo has nine headlines defined, including the return of Leonardo Ponzioand two more are missing. The rest would be Armani, Montiel, Maidana, Pinola, Casco, Piedade Martínez, Palacio and Pratto.

2 There are several players for two positions and functions, and depending on who they play, the game system may change: Will they continue? Martínez Quarta and Enzo Pérez inside the team or one of the two? Will Nacho Scocco arrive? If Scocco is not there to play will enter Rodrigo Mora or adds a creative as Juanfer Quintero?

3 Gallardo is always surprised by the team to face Boca and also has to determine if he bets again on the three central defenders and two midfielders, as he did in La Bombonera, if he plays with one or two attackers, or if he blows half the court with players of good repute to try to dominate the game.


1 Guilherme would have seven incumbents and during the week you will have to make decisions about the other four. Those who would play yes or no at Monumental would be Izquierdoz, Magallán, Olaza, Barrios, Pablo Perez, Nández and Wanchope Ábila.

2 The technician Xeneize has to replace Pavón and can choose Carlos Tevez or Darío BenedettoOr maybe the two together. In that case, the Colombian Villa should leave. In addition, you must define whether it saves Esteban Andrada or Agustín Rossi. And in defense you have to choose between Jara and Buffarini.

3 Guillermo probably does not go out to play with the usual scheme of the last games (4-3-3) and everything will depend on the characteristics of the attackers he chooses. Tevez is not the same as Villa, and it is not the same to play with Tevez as the game's organizer and with Wanchope Ábila and Bendetto as the center-forward than Villa to unbalance the sides.

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