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We show you how the new Toyota Hilux GR Sport is


An exclusive vehicle with a rugged image and suspension set up to improve the control in high-speed off-road handling

Toyota to presentor in O Panis your new model Hilux GR, O to choose up median with treatment sports developed per O divisionorn sports in O brand Japanese, Gazoo Racing Company.

a in O Principles fundamental in O brand umbrella what includes one level world all O activities switched on for world motoring of manufacturer, is O in overcome all O liLimits for develop vehicleiasses each time best for your customers.

This one philosophyione implies try developments technologicalorgicos in vehicleiasses in competitionorn, for So to apply those improvements one O vehicleiasses in Street. Taking this one premise, Toyota Argentina developor with support in O regionorn and in Gazoo Racing Company, O first vehicleitail GR what to beone produced and marketed very in Argentina as in I amisrich Latina: O new Hilux GR Sport.

About O base in O to choose up Hilux, what that to produce in O to plant in O Business in Zonetax, province in Good Aires, that incorporates as main novelty, alsoones in one estisethic sports, one new system in suspensionorn especially configured for O drivingorn outroad, about all in ways roneask in floor and gravel.

WhatBecause? whatis GR Sport?

O concept in Hilux GR Sport is one vehicleitail GR exclusive, with one Image mones robust and sports, and suspensionorn re configured for improve O control in conditions in driving in high velocity in outroad, I convertedisin it in O Hilux mones fun in driving. O main attributes that can to rank in: Performance, DesignsO and Exclusivity.

Hilux GR Sport is O first product in Gazoo Racing Company developed in O regionorn designed for use mainly outroad, especially in ways roneask in floor and gravel. He focus in generate in O driver O feelingorn in adrenaline what that experience during one breed in manifestation: high velocity in ways in low adhesion. For that, that I workedor about O behavior in O suspensionorn modifying O toughness in O springs and increasing O capacity in dampingorn replacing O shock absorbers per some monotube in bigger dionesubway. He win asi improve O control of driver about O vehicleitail, and elevate O confidence in driving in ways injured in floor and gravel one high velocity, keep one your time O capabilities to possess in Hilux in comfort in March and capacity in charge. He take alsoones one vehicleitail mones firm, with smaller degree in rolled up and very sorread, asi as one directionorn mones exact, with one answer mones linear and progressive in relationshiporn for turn of steering wheel.

O result Last is one vehicleitail úonly in O regionorn and mones fun in to handle, what conjugated all O emotions of driving competitive, O attractive aspirational in one vehicleitail in drawingsO Special and O Strong points and capabilities what They do for DNA in O Hilux: Quality, Durability and Reliability.

O concept in drawingsO to merge what best in O Styles in O different teams in competitionorn. Because? one side, O sportsmanship in O racing in track back, as to be O 1.000 km in Nüranger, and per O other, O fortress in O racing outroad, as O Dakar. This one mix in drawingsthe that to perceive very in O interior and O outdoor.

In how much for rolled, that priorityor O functionality switched on for concept of vehicleitail, with tires in 17" in leaguesorn in aluminum and tireoneticos 265/65 AT (All Ground). O proposal of set gifts one combinationorn in low Weight and robustness required for win one performance outroad orgreat, visually represented per O endings in to paint black and in contours Diamond.

O detail Last in this one view falls about O Emblem side GR Sport located in O doors front, finished about one elegant box chrome, stand outonewe do not know oneún mones O Colors red, black and White of logo in O companynoone. Respect for name in model Hilux, O Emblem in color Gray darkened that host about O side in O Pub tubular in color black what team for vehicleitail.

Estone equipped with O motor Toyota 1GD 2.8L in 177cv in power and 420Nm in binary with streamingorn manual in 6 speeds O 450Nm in binary with streamingorn selfoneethic, alsoisn in 6 speeds.

Al same what O Hilux MY19, to know with O normative in emissions Euro5 without need in additions one base in urea, and O system in to run away has DPF in to drive selfonetico, mones one to change complementary for regenerationorn manual (in case in to be required).

It fits Spotlight O to functionorn iMT (Intelligent Manual Streaming) what team one O versions 6MT. This one system to allow minimize O Pislosses in power úuseful in O passes in changes, leveling O risgroan of motor for change what that select, already to be in recess O accelerationorn.

Account alsoones with modes in drivingorn Echo and Power mode, what Actúone modifying O to bend of accelerator, for win reactions mones brio (way POWER) O one Consumption mones controlled (way ECO).

O Colors available for O new Hilux GRS: White Pearl (2tone) black Mica and Red Metallic.

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