"We have not met, but I talk to you in the same way, as if I knew you": Diego Maradona's emotional message to Rodrigo Mora


Diego Armando Maradona wrote some moving words for Rodrigo Mora who in the last few hours has announced his retirement from football with a hip injury. "We do not know each other, but I talk to you in the same way, as if I knew you", "Fluff" started the letter you shared in your account Instagram.

"In this there is no shirt colors and no passion involved, I just want to give you all my support, I hope you continue in football, do not let yourself be", continued the coach of the Dorados of Sinaloa.

Maradona, besides encouraging the Uruguayan by the difficult moment by which he is passing, he remembered the final stage of his career soccer: "Fight her like I fought her, I was so fucked up, but I put a hook on her and I won. You got all the strength in the world. That is why I hope this year will give you the opposite of what is happening to you. I send you a big Uruguayan hug! "

Rodrigo Mora announced his retirement from football on Sunday. At 31 years of age, the striker of the River decided to leave the professional activity due to the constant pain that a hip injury causes which was operated in 2017 and which had to go through a long and complex process of recovery until the return to the fields.

In June 2017, Pedro HansingDoctor of the River, had reported that Mora had "aseptic necrosis on the head of the femur," product of a heart attack in the bone. "Due to the deprivation of blood flow in the head of the femur, a necrosis is generated," had specified the professional, who at the time recognized that it was not a habitual injury to a high-performance athlete.

"I have to live on one of the saddest days of my life, suffering and pain are constant and I can not. I gave up what I did not have and today I have to face reality. I can not keep playing football. I have a knot in my chest and a feeling impossible to explain. I'd like to retire in another way. I know complicated times come, with many decisions to be made. But today I just want to thank everyone.. My son, my family, my friends, my colleagues, technical staff, leaders and fans for all the love and support they have always given me, "he said. Lives in your letter farewell

From your post, the Uruguayan received hundreds of praiseworthy words by current River team players and former team mates. The names range from young to former players. From Sebastian Driussi to "Lobo" Ledesmanobody wanted to miss the opportunity to publicly express the importance of the Uruguayan in their lives.

The homage of Rio to Rodrigo Mora

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