Watch a meteor illuminate the night sky over Florida – BGR


If you happened to be in a certain part of Florida or Georgia on Saturday – and also outside after dark and looking in the right direction – you might have seen a piece of space rock illuminating the sky. Easily identified as a meteor, the object fired through the atmosphere in a moment of glory, and several people managed to capture it on video.

The meteor, which was also detected by the hardware of the National Weather Service, caused a slight stir in social media shortly after its appearance. Recorded videos of car cameras and safety glasses at home sighted the rock as it opened toward the ground.

Here's a fantastic clip of a dashboard recording, along with the driver's reaction shocked to see the meteor make its brief appearance in the sky:

And a slightly less exciting video recorded from a Ring video bell, along with a slow-motion version of recording from the same angle:

As to where any of the debris left over, no one is sure. The National Weather Service provided a brief statement noting that some reports had arrived, but nothing had been confirmed yet.

"We heard reports that he landed near Perry, Florida, which would match the GLM data, but he can not confirm anything," the group said on Twitter. "The satellite data suggests that * if * it landed, however, it was in FL."

With smaller pieces of space rocks like this, it's rare for any large piece to survive the incoming hell and reach the solid ground. In most cases, the rock is completely obliterated when it reaches the Earth's atmosphere, burning completely before any remnants can find a house on Earth.

In any case, no damage or damage to structures has been reported so far, so if any of the stone surviving your trip will likely end up somewhere quite remote.


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