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Wanda Nara's affectionate kiss by the pool

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February 1, 2019

The model took advantage of the fact that she was about to enter the pool to send a video, which she shared with all her followers on Instagram.

Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara He enjoys his days in Milan, where he has lived for several years since his partner plays football at Inter Italia. The model and representative of the football player Mauro Icardi has millions of followers on Instagram and enjoys every one of its publications has a huge impact on social networks.

The platform is followed by more than 4 million users, and Wanda Nara constantly sends pictures and videos where she shows several special moments of her life, holidays or birthdays of one of her children, to more everyday situations like her in the pool. .

This time, the woman took advantage of the fact that resting by the pool to send a video that has already exceeded 500,000 reproductions in less than 24 hours. There she is shown sitting with her feet in the water, and sending a kiss at the end in greeting.

What is not known is whether the model definitely entered or not in the pool, as if it were in an image that she shared a few days ago, although her particular appearance has attracted a lot of attention in social networks.

"My day-to-day life in Italy is not at all quiet. In addition to managing my husband's career, I've been on the Tiki Taka sports program since September," said the businesswoman, who also cares for her five children. Although he does not skimp on luxuries: a few days ago he showed the interior of a luxury vehicle he used to frequent at Inter. The car in question is a Bentley Bentayga with leather upholstery that has a value of 200,000 euros within its most basic version.

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