Wanda Nara posed sexy before going to sleep


Model Wanda Nara went for more after emulating "Black Cat" and showed how she likes to sleep. See the pictures.

Wanda Nara is on vacation in Tokyo, Japan. Along with Mauro Icardi, the blonde walks through the most visited sights of the Asian capital, such as the Pokemon Center, but also have time to show some of the intimacies of your stay, such as the private pajamas of a popular and remembered cartoon, and which has coincidences with a hot photo which he shared some time ago.

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The model posed on a bodice and with her back to the mirror, and raising her leg to highlight her tail, she wrote in the picture: "If you think your pajamas are not sexy, remember that I sleep with one of La Pink Panther ".

Thus, the blonde showed off her sensual clothing that is full of faces of the character created by Friz Freleng in 1963, and that obviously has this characteristic color mixed with gray in a striped design. The most remembered appearance of the animated feline is in its homonymous series, that debuted in 1969 in the screen of the channel American NBC, where he stayed on the air for ten years. To this day, this comedy continues to be repeated all over the world, as reported by success.

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Weeks ago, Wanda He had stripped and shared an impressive close-up of his tail to honor another icon of popular culture, in which case, belonging to the Marvel Comics: Black Cat, which curiously, is another name that leads to a feline and a color.

To continue this custom, it is likely that the next sexy tribute of Icardi's wife will be black Panther, one of the most recognized heroes of the editorial that has emblematic characters like Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, X – Men and Fantastic 4.

A few days ago, Nara visited another Asian country: Thailand. It was thanks to the program By the world that Marley recorded there. After attending, the blonde took advantage of a few days of rest and posed naked in a bathtub.

Wanda Nara posed sexy before going to sleep


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