Wanda Nara could receive terrible news from FIFA


The Federation has a new standard that would come into effect by 2020. Wanda Nara is the representative of soccer player Mauro Icardi, with whom he is married.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi have lived in Italy for several years. They formed their family in Milan, a city where the footballer makes his career. However, it seems that the model could have a major setback from FIFA, from a new rule that would come into force in 2020.

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What determines the new regulations

From July of the same year, all player representatives, including players' family members, will be required to undergo periodic exams, to comply with specific rules and to undertake refresher courses, as published. radiomitre.

In addition, after the transfer market, the salaries of all agents should be transparent, and it should be noted that Wanda Nara besides wife, she is the representative of the attacker Mauro Icardi.

This new proposal from the current president, Italian Gianni Infantino, which still needs to be debated and voted on, would be a big change from his predecessor, Joseph Blatter, who did not put any filter on players' agents.

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In the case of establishing a salary cap for them, the agents should also contribute financially to the FIFA solidarity fund.


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