Viviana Canosa said that a politician had been assaulting her for 20 years


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April 20, 2019

The journalist told Mirtha Legrand's desk about a situation of harassment suffered at the Casa Rosada during Menem's time.

Viviana Canosa in the program Mirtha Legrand
Viviana Canosa in the program Mirtha Legrand

O journalist Viviana Canosa was one of the guests at Mirtha Legrand's table along with Ángel de Brito, Teté Coustarot, Donato de Santis and José Corral. At the end of the dinner, the host of the radio program Milenium today He said that He suffered his first harassment at the Casa Rosada, more than 20 years ago by a "very high-ranking" politician.

Although he did not say the name a few months ago, counted what was it about the politician Eduardo Bauzá, former chief of Carlos Menem's cabinet, who died in February 2019.

Viviana Canosa confessed that Eduardo Bauzá was the first man to torment her

"I was finishing ISER. My first job was at the Government House and when they went to accredit me they told me that I had a meeting with a politician. They took me to his office and told me that I was a So he asked me to do things with him so they can accredit me"Started.

"I was 20 years old. She was naive." In addition, he said that all his relatives are aware of the situation.

In his program he had said: "The next day Bauza died. He was the first man who besieged me. He told me wonderful things and then ended with:But you just have to sleep with me once and we'll credit you.. I guess I only counted that once. This surprised me. For the people said to the sons of Bauza, "What a good old man your lord!" "

Viviana Canosa strongly criticized the announcement of the package of economic measures

The announcer reminded her that she did not know how to respond to the situation. "I started running around the House of Government, I did not even know where I was going, it was exasperating, I felt a lot of anguish. I can not remember how I got home that night. It was 8 in the evening after a cultural event he presented on Wednesdays, "he said.

Canosa, however, received help. She clarified that Fanny Mandelbaum, at that time her teacher, was the first person to tell.


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