Violent multiple accident in Belgrano: 4 injured and cut in Metrobus


Three men and a woman were injured after a violent confrontation this morning in the middle of Avenida Cabildo, near Monroe. As confirmed by police sources InfobaeIn the accident, three cars were involved: a Peugeot 208, a Chevrolet Onix and a Chevrolet Prisma.

It all happened before 7 in the morning on the hand that goes to Avenida General Paz. According to the images recorded by the security cameras, the 208 zigzagged and more than 100 kilometers per hour between several cars until it touched the back of the Onix , which ended up on the passenger waiting platform in one of the cars. Metrobus lanes and stopped the service for several hours.

Less than a second later, Peugeot himself continued his march without any kind of control and hit Prism from behind. Both cars were on the sidewalk, completely destroyed. One of them went into a kiosk while the other collided with an electricity transformer and knocked over a traffic light.

It is investigated whether everything happened due to excessive speed, alcohol consumption of the Peugeot driver or if he was running a "bite." According to the sources, a 32-year-old man was charged with "wrongful injury" and transferred to the Pirovano hospital for several injuries. The other wounded were a 25-year-old girl, a 29-year-old man and a 65-year-old man. All out of danger. In this case, the Criminal Prosecutor's Office and Faltas No. 5 intervened, under the responsibility of Miguel Kesselr.


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