Vidal will pay a bonus to the retirees of Buenos Aires


The governor Maria Eugenia Vidal announced in an act in Lanús the payment of a bonus of 3,500 pesos for retired and provincial pensioners whose salaries do not exceed 10 thousand pesos. In addition there will be a bonus of 700 pesos for the beneficiaries of the Plan Más Vida and the advance for the first days of December of the bonus means for all the workers of the State of Buenos Aires.

Vidal also announced that on December 19 and 26, anyone with an account at Banco Provincia will have access to a 50% discount on food and typical Christmas basket products at supermarkets attached to the program.

The announcement by the chief executive of the Buenos Aires government came just a day after President Mauricio Macri's government rejected the possibility of adding to the ANSES pensioners the payment of the 5,000 peso bonus agreed with the CGT.

The bonus of 3,500 pesos announced will reach 20,000 of the 260,000 retirees of the provincial fund, while 300,000 people from the Plan Más Vida will receive 700 pesos extra for the only time.

Vidal made the announcement at Lanús' Gran Familia Retirement Center with local mayor Néstor Grindetti, Economy Minister Hernán Lacunza, Social Development Minister Santiago Lopez Medrano and Banco Provincia President Juan Curutchet.

The president also acknowledged that this year's wages of workers have lost against inflation. Concerning the negotiations with the unions, among which is the one of the teacher unions that is not yet closed, Vidal admitted that "We tried, at the meeting with the different unions in the province, to make the best offer for workers to lose as little as possible against inflation."

And he recognized: "It has been a difficult year for the Argentines, for Buenos Aires, for the families, for our retirees and pensioners, for the workers of the provincial government, for all those who receive the support of the State."



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