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Jorge Rial vandalized Ulises Jaitt to ensure that he is taking advantage of his sister's death.

Lissa Vera was in the air remembering her friend Natacha Jaitt and also for being pointed by Ulises Jaitt as "almost guilty", as she told Intruders yesterday. In this context, Jorge Rial was very hard with Natacha's brother and treated him as "bocón": "Here is a culprit: Ulises Jaitt. It bookea like he did all his life, stretching a situation that I do not understand why.

Within minutes, the driver continued to make harsh statements against Ulysses. "Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, that's historically proven, which is why I'm angry at playing whatever I throw away." Start by saying she was murdered and back to point to Lissa , a little more caution would have been good.We know who Ulisses is! Come on, guys, let's believe in that guy, what ruined everything he could, always, under his sister's skirt.He's still dirty because it's a game that If you do not stay as giles. "

Strong: "I invite you to see each other face-to-face, at this time you've been running yourself.

Are we going to believe this guy? That spoiled everything that she could, always, under her sister's skirt, "said Jorge Rial, an intruder driver

In war

Ulysses's response was immediate and came through social networks: "Jorge Rial: I invite you to see you face-to-face, at that time you've been running with you. In addition, he clarified that "he never blamed Lissa See, he just said that his contribution to the cause is critical."

On the other hand, Jaitt's lawyer Alejandro Cipolla suggested that the child abuse complaint would not be the reason for the actress's death, but that the real cause would be a new charge that Natacha had planned.


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