Verónica Llinás spoke about the controversy that was generated because Actrices Argentinas did not support Valeria Bertuccelli


"We are talking about a minor who approached Actrices Argentinas with the purpose of processing a rape case. We, as actresses, help to make this complaint visible in the face of concrete facts and with the intention of being a judiciary."emphasized a dialogue with Teleshow.

"I do not understand how you can not understand the difference between one thing and anotherand everything is mixed in the same bag, "he said.

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Llinás asked not to be "a nightmare" with this, because, in this way, "the court is dirty": "The important thing is the number of complaints and see what is done with it"He explained.

"But we can not take care of all the women in the country who have been abused because if not, we will end up complaining about why we do not help the Qom women (of the Toba people in the Chaco), "he continued, noting that they are not a government entity.

(Thelma Fardin told in a video that Juan Darthés raped her in Nicaragua – Video: Actresses Argentinas)

"We respond to the complaints that appear in the assemblies. This was a concrete case and was very serious: a violation of a minor who expressed an intention to sue. Faced with this, we acted accordingly, "explained Llinás, and asked not to compare Bertuccelli's case because" they are incomparable. "

"We can not take care of every woman who comes to me, or Actresses Argentinas. was against a person who had already been denounced by other actresses"he continued in reference to Darthés had also been reported by harassment Calu Rivero, Anita Coacci and Natalia Juncos.

"I do not want the focus to spread, which is what really matters, there are reports of sexual abuse, rape and harassment. That the subject is not distracted. It would be extremely serious."concluded Veronica Llinás, and clarified that it does not minimize the Bertuccelli case, but that" it is not of the same content ".


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