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Ventura's Health Concerns

Luis Ventura is new, but this time not because of one of the scandalous information he usually gives, but because he is concerned about his health.

In involved the journalist indicated that he has some concerns with his health:

"I'm impressed with some things"; The journalist began by saying, and added that with the amount of work besides his family, football and other issues are exceeded.

& # 39; I have a lot of pain tolerance, I know the doctor's path, studies, hospitalizations and, as many things in health have happened to me in life, pain tolerance leads me to stretch my visit to the doctor & # 39;.

Ventura He commented that a month ago there were some studies, which gave him less benefit, but in recent days things got worse and the pain was so unbearable that he had to walk with a cane:

"They told me I have a hip osteoarthritis problem and would need to start imagining the topic of a prosthesis.".

The seriousness of the situation gets worse because the journalist is also exceeded by pounds and this causes him to suffer more:

Apparently, the down-air journalist told his Involucados colleagues that he should lose about 20 or 30 pounds., but when he expressed on the show, he said something else, and it annoyed several of his colleagues.

"I must be between 120 or 130 pounds".

On the other hand Ventura He explained that he feels a lot of responsibility because he supports 23 families, and now his biggest development comes about because if the car gets out, those people will have a bad time..

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