Thursday , April 22 2021

Valeria Mazza defended Alejandro Gravier: "It was kind of funny, he did not ask me anything"

In PH We Can Speak, the model said that she liked having children and that everything was a joke of her husband.

Valeria Mazza defended Alejandro Gravier in PH:

The visit of Valeria Mazza (46) one The Night of Mirtha had repercussions for the model's sayings on feminism and especially for his confirmation after the driver asked if it was true that Alejandro Gravier (58), her husband, who is also his representative, demanded that she lose weight after each of her pregnancies. In PH we can talk clarified the question.

"I laughed because it sounded so funny, I think it was funny, but then the tyrant Gravier showed up and it's not like that, I really liked my pregnancy, I gained 20 pounds per pregnancy, I never worked pregnant because I liked them. and get back to work. "

"I laughed because it sounded really cool to me, it sounds funny to me, but then" tyrant Gravier "appeared and that's not the case," he began, minimizing the controversy. "I really enjoyed my pregnancy, I gained 20 kilos per pregnancy, I never got pregnant because I liked them, I started to work to be well and go back to work, which is why my children have already spent three years: it took me a while to recover. I went back to work, I really liked them and he did not demand anything from me, "said the top model, mother of four.

"It's true that every time you had a boy, your husband showed you a photo before and said" you have to be skinny again like this photo "," Mirtha asked a week earlier when Valeria was a guest. "Obviously, to go against nature, no, women, do not suffer, you put your body to be a mother with all love, I believe there is no love more divine than that of a mother, and I have put the body four times and I had four wonderful natural births, but you will never be the same, everything changes you in life, but I have always tried to give the best, "he said.

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