Urgent: Benito Cerati hospitalized and worries about his health


Benito Cerati He had his last appearance on stage on October 14 at an Ituzaing music festival, where he captivated audiences by singing one of his father's song "Puente". The 25-year-old followed in the footsteps of the legendary former leader of Soda Stereo, and decided to become music, one of the passions that share with the legend of the national rock and that unites them forever.

Although he did not have many public appearances, on Wednesday it was learned that the son of the deceased Gustavo Cerati He starred in a terrible episode in plain sight as he was walking the public streets in the Palermo neighborhood in the afternoon. At that moment, the boy began to feel ill, lost consciousness and fell to the ground in a very abrupt way, for which he was immediately helped.

The young man disappeared and hit his head on the ground, surprising the passersby who witnessed the bad moment. For this reason, he had to be hospitalized with extreme urgency at Rivadavia Hospital. What happened? Police sources revealed to NA that everything started around 7pm when Benito He was walking on Calle El Salvador at the height of 4600 and stopped when he heard a song from Soda Streo, which a girl was enjoying at that moment.

At that moment the young man heard the subject and collapsed on the ground, banging his head hard. Upon recognizing him, the neighbors immediately called 911 to ask for help and to the place where the City Police and a SAME ambulance were collected in a few minutes.

A witness reported the events and immediately called a friend of Benito to inform him of the situation. Meanwhile, the musician was transferred to the hospital, where the first diagnosis was drug intoxication, but it was finally confirmed that he had suffered epilepsy.


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