Sunday , February 28 2021

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The last day of the week, and first of February, comes with new adjustments in sectors sensitive to the pocket of Argentines: from this Friday the light, the social bottle, the increase of the prepaid drug. The combination will be completed on the 15th, when public passenger transport also "updates" its rates.

The most painful case, given the context, will undoubtedly be that of electric energy. The service will increase by an average of 26%, with peaks of 32%, for clients of the agglomeration of Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in accordance with the provisions of the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE).

The government has predicted that electricity rates will rise 55% this year, well above the inflation forecast by private consultants, which so far is around 25% a year. In March, the light will have a new adjustment, of 14%, after, will increase 4% in May and 4% in August; this would be the last increase in this election year.

On Thursday, thousands of users remained unattended, while the National Executive sent a letter to key providers demanding that they improve the response to users' complaints.

Private Medicine

With regard to prepayments, the different plans will suffer a readjustment of 5% as of today, affecting four million users. Throughout 2018, the private medical service increased by 40.2%, and the increases were executed in a staggered manner, in five sections.

Of the companies, however, they assert that their consumption is dollarized, so they demand higher grades during this year.

The carafes

Finally, this week the government announced new values ​​for the bottles to be applied as of February. For example, a jar of 10 pounds will cost 160.28 pesos for the fractionator, 240.97 pesos for the distributor and 267.70 pesos for the public. The Secretary of Energy established that the subsidy for the beneficiaries of the Residential Plan will be 152 pesos per bottle.

As the subsidy remains fixed, as the price is modified, it increasingly covers less than the total value of the decanter, the means by which millions of Argentines who do not have access to the natural gas network cook and heat their homes. It is also considerably cheaper than packaging.

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