Union of teachers: Province ratified the proposed increase in accordance with inflation and offered 5% more


The new offer responds to the unions' request to recover part of what was lost in last year's negotiation

The Government of Buenos Aires proposed a wage recomposition for 2018 of 5% plus the payment of inflation indicated in 2019, which would guarantee "a minimum wage for all teachers of $ 20,150 for the month of March, for the incoming teacher with a half-day shift, "official sources said.

The new round of parity was announced at 12 noon at the headquarters of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Economy, although it started more than an hour late, and this is the second of this year between the government of María Eugenia Vidal and the unions of the Front of the Teaching Unit of Buenos Aires (FUDB).

At the first meeting of the year, in mid-February, the Buenos Aires government reported that the 2019 parity is equal to INDEC inflation, with automatic monthly update in the first three months and quarterly until December.

The unions rejected the proposal, claiming about 16% of what they consider was the loss of purchasing power last year, when they rose by 32% against a 47% inflation rate.

Sources close to the negotiation did not rule out that during the meeting today the authorities could bring a new proposal that would unblock the conflict and so the classes normally begin next week.

Representing the Province were the Director General of Culture and Education of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, and the Ministers of Economy, Hernán Lacunza, and Labor, Marcelo Villegas.


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