Uncontrolled inflation: another increase in the price of naphtha


Oil companies try to apply a new adjustment in the price of naphtha after the strong increase of the dollar, which in a week accumulated a high of 9.1%, which would make the fourth increase this year in only four. months

According to the TN website, "the percentage is still being studied," but "it is known that it will be between 3 and 5 percent, with the argument of balancing the effects of the devaluation and the price of oil."

YPF, Axion, Shell are the companies that have already anticipated that there will be an increase "in line" with the rise of the barrel in the global market.

Brent (benchmark for the local market) traded on Friday at $ 73.33 a barrel and rose 7.8% in a month. In the year, the increase in dollars is 35.4%.


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