Unanimously, the entrance of a bus line to Nordelta was approved


The Deliberative Council of the Tiger finally approved the entry of bus line 723 to Nordelta. After two sessions of intense debates with cross-views, the real estate complex Tigre will have 90 days to implement it.

The objective of the measure is to facilitate the transfer of residents and workers who provide their services. So far, the only transportation company that has carried out the internal and external circuit was the private company Mary Go, and in recent weeks has been accused of discriminating against domestic staff.

On November 23, the Municipality of Tigre presented a draft bill to the Deliberative Council to authorize the entrance of public transportation to "La Troncal", promoted by Mayor Julio Zamora. It was supported by the blocks of Front Renovador, Unidad Ciudadana and Cambiemos. The measure was rejected in the first instance and finally finally managed to be voted by unanimity.

"We think about the welfare of the neighbors and that is why we have reached an agreement to unanimously approve it", explained the president of the Deliberative Council, Alejandra Nardi.

"There will be a deadline to adapt security measures to the neighborhoods, but we defend the integration of all the communities that make up the district," said the president of the Revolutionary Front bloc, Rodrigo Molinos.

A group of neighbors rejected this decision and on Wednesday held a self-organizing protest to prevent the opening of the necessary Troncal Avenue under the slogan "No public transportation."

"The developer has commercial interests, a desire to make a profit.
Neighbors want a good quality of life and we prioritize security and privacysaid Gabriel Sanders, Nordelta's lawyer and neighbor.

In protest, neighbors pointed out that such implementation would not respect the key points of privacy, security or "the doubly concentric security ring."


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