Ulises Bueno and his mother hugged each other in the middle of the show and thrilled everyone


Ulysses appeared at the Orfeo Superdomo in Cordoba and his mother accompanied him as usual.

Ulysses Well, she gets excited every time she talks about Betty Olave, her mother and her great life partner. Last night, Ulises appeared before more than 9,000 people at the Orfeo Superdomo in Cordoba and could not hide his love for her.

One of the most exciting moments of the show was after singing the number one hit Ulysses, "Give it old dale". At that moment, Betty took the stage and both hugged each other.

"Dale Betty Olave, close the window, turn on the air. Take him a big bottle of soda, and talk about it like twelve-thirty when he's starving, "sang the chorus of Ulysses while mother and son said something in their ears, which of course was between them.

The video of Ulises Bueno that surprised all his fans, very natural!


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