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Uber undresses to 350 emplados: "last hello" of work clippings

In the last attempt to reduce the losses in Uber Technologies Inc., Dara Khosrowshahi stripped to some 350 emplados, which characterizes it as the "last hello" of clippings of the working life.

The clippings affected a team of divisions, among them car development without driver and food delivery. Uber despised more than 800 emplados in July and September.

Since a disappointing initial public offering in May, the price of Uber's shares has fallen by 30%. The inversionists have expressed concern about the increase in losses and the slowdown in growth. The shipping company lost more than $ 5,000 million in the second quarter.

Condemned a driver of Uber with arrest and disability

An e-mail from executive director Khosrowshahi al personal, reviewed by Bloomberg, says executives can toast more about them labor cutouts in a meeting of the whole company the martes. TechCrunch informed the news about the weather, and a handful of Uber confirmed the clippings. About 70% of the naked ocurrieron in North America.

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