two patients do not have hantavirus


Two of the three patients hospitalized in Bariloche awaiting diagnosis in the hantavirus analysis performed by Instituto Malbrán.

A third case, which came from El Bolsón, remains in isolation with confirmation of having contracted the virus.

The 38-year-old woman who was derived from El Bolsón last week is stable and oxygen-free, according to "Río Negro", the director of the hospital Leonardo Gil.

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The previous study was conducted in this patient, which determined that it was a case of hantavirus. Confirmation with samples sent to Malbrán has not yet been obtained, but the health authorities consider a positive case.

O two cases discarded of hantavirus are a young man from El Bolsón who was not connected to the outbreak of Epuyén and a man from Bariloche who was in Epuyén last week and who had fever and similar symptoms, then "because of the context" of having been in the location of the outbreak, the admission was organized.

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The hantavirus outbreak in Epuyén on Sunday confirmed the tenth fatality who was hospitalized at the hospital in Puerto Montt.

The weekend was ruled out that they contracted the virus, the three patients hospitalized in San Martin de los Andes.


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