Two of those arrested for homicide of a police officer were exonerated from the Federal – 08/01/2019


Two of the assailants arrested by to assassinate a lieutenant of Buenos Aires in Florida They were members of the Federal Police. According to sources in the case, they were exonerated from the Force in 2009 and 2012.

Former police officers were identified as Ángel Fabián Martínez and Adrián Federico Romero. The latter had already been arrested in 2011, accused of steal about $ 3 million of an agency of the Bank Galicia located in Microcentro, after a spectacular blow.

The third prisoner. I would be connected to

The third prisoner. It would be connected to the "million bands".

The former officers were arrested Tuesday along with an accomplice, 25 blocks from where they were shot by Marcelo Acuña (52), the lieutenant of the Province of Buenos Aires who tried to stop them when they left to steal a financial alongside two accomplices.

The event took place this Tuesday afternoon on Avenida Maipú and San Martín, five blocks from Quinta de Olivos. As detailed sources of the case, Acuña was frank and he had parked his car in the assault block. Seeing the criminals leave, he confronted them.

Marcelo Acuña, the murdered policeman.

Marcelo Acuña, the murdered policeman.

Acuna died in the shootout while the thieves escaped in their Renault Logan, which they abandoned 150 meters away. Through security cameras, police tracked the assailants while fleeing in a Renault Duster truck. They were arrested in Sahores and Valle Grande.

The investigators found three guns, a bulletproof vest and a weights and dollars which they would have stolen from the financier.

The skills in place of the shooting (PHOTO MARIO SAYES)

The skills in place of the shooting (PHOTO MARIO SAYES)

Along with the two former police officers, a third defendant was arrested, identified as Francisco Ariel Mansilla, who, according to sources in the case, allegedly stole a branch of Banco Galicia in 2011 and would be linked to "band of the million", known for his threatening videos with masks and weapons.


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