Two deputies from the Civic Coalition will denounce Hebe de Bonafini for his statements


They announced that they will file a complaint against the President of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo for "inciting collective violence." Source: Archive

Two deputies of the Civic Coalition announced that they would denounce criminally for "incitement to collective violence"

Hebe de Bonafini

statements against soy producers and the use of
the Taser pistols against the "daughter of Macri" and the relatives of Vidal and the Minister of Security, Patrícia Bullrich.

María Lucila Lehmann and Marcela Campagnoli, both deputies of the Nation, will jointly denounce the president of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, together with the lawyer Carlos A. Correa Arias. "We can not remain indifferent to expressions that evoke the worst and most damaging of our recent past," the MEPs agreed in the letter.

Last Thursday, Bonafini publicly called his followers for the burning of productive fields. In fact, microphone through the Plaza de Mayo, said, "So if we have the courage, we have to accompany people, burn the fields, when they are about to take the soy, burn them, they can not collect anything, collect ashes, let's see, when we burn some fields, if they will continue playing glyphosate. "

In addition, during his speech, he made controversial statements about
the use of new non-lethal weapons purchased by the government. "You saw this thing with the weapons that you will use, that do not kill, I do not kill you, I want you to try with the daughter of Macri, the children of Vidal and the children and grandchildren and relatives of Bullrich," said Bonafini . .

The Buenos Aires Bar Association issued a statement that repudiated the statements of the mother's referent. The Business Convergence Forum among other bodies
They joined the decision.


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