Sunday , April 18 2021

Two brothers were attacked with bullets to steal the motorcycle: one died


Tucumán Two brothers were attacked with bullets this Sunday morning by at least four young people who were mobilized on motorcycles.

One of the victims, Daniel Lezcano, 18, died. His companion, Miguel, was also seriously injured. The attack occurred in the neighborhood of Néstor Kirchner, south of San Miguel de Tucumán.

According to the newspaper La Gaceta, the Lezcano brothers were shot when they returned home. The criminals took the motorcycle on which they moved.

Daniel died as a result of serious injuries; While his brother received five shots, he was taken to Padilla's hospital and his condition is reserved.

With this, there are already nine murders on the occasion of the theft occurred in the capital of Tucumán until the moment in November of this year.

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