Twittar lapidar of Dolores Fonzi against a media lawyer – 11/01/2019


Women know it's time to talk and not silence anything they feel. And then he understood Dolores Fonzi (40), which He expressed all his anger and outrage on the social networks.

Dolores, who is one of the referents of the Collective Actrices Argentinas who accompanied Thelma Fardin (26) in her complaint for rape against Juan Darthés, infuriated against a media lawyer.

What was the reason for your anger? After knowing the statements of Carla Lescano, Thelma's sister who ignited the controversy by revealing that she does not believe the actor has violated, Fernando Burlando announced that he will incorporate the testimony in the case which is being researched in Nicaragua.

Dolores Fonzi carried this tweet after Thelma Fardin's sister appeared doubting the rape of Darthés.

Dolores Fonzi carried this tweet after Thelma Fardin's sister appeared doubting the rape of Darthés.

Aware of the defense strategy, Fonzi indignantly posted a message on Twitter, although he does not name the media scholar at any time.

"Lawyer of dubious trajectory, gloomy past and present nefarious defending a rapist, try everything to tarnish the courage of a whistleblower, it's your dirty job. Wow, neither forgetting nor forgiving. #NoVamosParar #Look As We Do, "he wrote.

Hours earlier, Thelma's lawyer, Sabrina CartabiaHe had referred to these controversial statements by Thelma's half sister: "Including this testimony must be a defense decision, but It is a testimony about beliefs. Processionally it's a very weak test present a belief of a person who was not in the place of the facts nor has knowledge about what happened. "

After knowing the new strategy of Burlando to defend Darthés, Fonzi was effusive, as he did every time he put his body in support of this cause.

In fact, before expressing yourself on Twitter where many people responded to your message, the actress retweeted a comment by journalist Florencia Alcaraz, who awso expressed her indignation for the new defense movement for Juan Darthés.

"Everything that happens media and judicially around the denunciation of Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés is the example of which most women who report sexual violence live. Do not believe them, treat them crazy and revitalize them. All that is happening, "was the tweet shared by the actress.


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