Tricks for Gmail, features, shortcuts and secrets


1. How to organize your Gmail inbox

The Google email client, Gmailoffers us all kinds of options for organizing the input box. In fact, we can configure different mailboxes so that, for example, in one of them only priority and important messages are inserted, and in another, those related to Special Offers or with Social networks. How do we do it?

We have to go to the upper right corner, click the gear icon and select Set up inbox. Here you can select which mailboxes you want to use, and you'll see the exact description of which content each of them selects and in what way. And if at some point an email leaks out of your site, just click and hold and drag it to the tray that matches it.

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2. How to block all e-mail messages from a sender

Someone is bothering you Gmail? If so, you have the option of to lock all messages from a particular email address, and thus prevent them from ignoring notifications and resubmit their messages. It's easy to do that. You just have to open an email message, the person or company that is causing you inconvenience, and on the right side click the button with three vertical points.

Here you will find several options, and the one that interests you is & # 39; Lock XXX & # 39; , where obviously the name of that contact in question will be displayed. Another alternative option if we do not want to lose your incoming messages –if by chance- is Mark as spam. As a result, your messages will continue to arrive, but no notifications will be displayed and these content will go directly to the spam folder, which is cleaned from time to time.

3. How to link one or more company accounts to Gmail

Once again we go to the icon, in the upper right corner, in the form of gear to access Configuration. Once here, go to the tab Accounts and import, and pay attention to two specific sections: & # 39; Send as & # 39; and "Check mail from other accounts". In the first section we will have to configure the Link a company account and Gmail for be able to send emails from this company account; in the second section, however, the configuration is to be able to receive the messages of this business account directly in Gmail

In both sections, we have to click on Add email address and use the data provided by our email provider or the company accommodation to manage our corporate account email account.

4. How to tell if recipients have read your emails in Gmail

Gmail does not offer the possibility of check reception and reading of emails natively; however, it's something we can do thanks to third-party tools. If you use the web browser Google Chrome, to check your email inbox with Gmail, then you have it easier because there is an extension just for that. The & trick; & # 39; they use is insert a small image in a script, so you can know when the message was opened by the recipient.

You just have to download the following extension for Google Chrome, install it, and follow the installation and configuration process. From there you will have two ticks such as WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications. One green when it arrived, two greens when the message was opened and therefore it is understood that the recipient has read.

Download Mailtrack for Google Chrome

5. Different labels and colors depending on the email address that receives the message in Gmail

If you did the step 3 so that in Gmail not only the messages from your main account appear, but also those from your corporate account, it is possible that a little chaos in your inbox. But it's easy to solve it and with that trick for Gmail you can create a series of different color labels to help you differentiate to what address you sent each message. So, without opening it, you'll already know which of your addresses you've submitted that specific content to.

Access the gear icon, click Configuration and go to the tab Labels. Once in this section, in the Labels, you can click New label. A specific context menu will open to place name to the new label and create it. Now it will appear in the left sidebar and clicking the button with three vertical points that we can change your color. But how can we make all the emails in an account stay there?

Easy: go for gear, Settings> Accounts & Importand in the Check email from other accounts scroll to the address you want to bookmark and click Edit information. The setup process will open earlier and you can select & # 39; Tag incoming messages with & # 39;. This is where you should select the label that we just created.

6. Set priority messages and senders in your inbox in Gmail

Sorry for those who do not join our list priority senders, or by messages that do not fit as such; but is like that. And to maintain a good organization of our input box in the email client GmailFortunately, we have a system that allows us to establish the featured messages and priority. Not only content is defined, but also senders. In addition, we have two fundamental options to highlight what interests us most.

On the PC, to the left of the sender's name, in the general view of the inbox, we have two icons: one star is arrow which points to the right. The star allows us Spotlight a message; and the arrow allows us to mark as important. The highlight is for specific messages, while the important "label" is for content of the label Therefore, if you press the arrow, the automatic analysis Google will take this into account to meet our criteria and to flag other similar messages as important automatically.

7. How to mention someone in an email message in Gmail

Sometime ago Gmail introduced a system of mentions within the email client so that in our messages we can & Quot; Quote & # 39; to someone. This & # 39; someone & # 39; has to be in our contact list, and it's easy to do it: we just have to put & Quot; followed by his name. In so doing, the system itself will acknowledge the intention to mention and, in writing letters, will suggest contacts.

What's it for? So, within this message that we are going to send, stand out the name of the person to whom we refer in an alternative color and underlined. And also, so that a automatic connection which, if pressed, will open automatically new message to be able to write to the person who was mentioned. It does not affect notifications, but it does help us with other issues, like the ones we mentioned earlier.

8. How to send emails with another address

We refer again to the Gmail Trick collected in the 3. If you have set up more than one account you can now submit messages with each and every one of them. But How is it chosen? There will be times when you want to write someone with your personal address and occasions when you want to use your corporate email address to talk to someone else. And we can do that in the sender selection, in the following way:

Al write a message in Gmail, we will have a new configurable section: & Quot; It's the first section, and just to your right is the address with which we'll send the message. If we click on this address, a small contextual menu will open in offering all directions from which we can send a message. You just have to select which one, and then write and send our message as we have always done so far.

9. How to change the signature of our emails if we have multiple addresses configured in Gmail

Again, we refer again to the Gmail Trick number 3, because this is only useful if we have configured multiple email addresses within our Gmail. Certainly you do not want the message signature that you send is the same when the sender is your personal account that when the sender is yours corporate accountand it's something you can customize for each of your email addresses linked to Gmail.

In the upper right corner, click the gear icon and go to Configuration, and go now to the section General. In it, go to the section signature. Once here you will see a header in which an email address appears. Well, now you can customize the subscription to this addressand when done, click it to select another address and do the same. Then you will have a different signature for each account linked to your Gmail.

10. Making better use of the space in your inbox by modifying the view

Gmail It has a design, period. But this design, or interface, can be to fit in so that the elements are shown more compactly or more spaced. Based on this, we will only see the name of the sender, the subject and a short text; or we can even see the attachments on the main input tray panel. It is something we can choose and change at any time, in the following way:

Once again we will have to press the gear icon in the upper right corner, but this time the option we choose is Content Density & # 39;. A new context menu will open and allow us to choose between the options Standard & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, Comfortable & # 39; and & # 39; Compact & # 39;. And if we move between them, we will see that a content schema which shows what changes will affect the design of Gmail for us in the main view of the inbox.

11. How to see more emails per page in our inbox

If you manage one or more email addresses with a large swap volume, the inbox might be "small." There is a Gmail Trick to avoid this, and it's as simple as setting up the email client to show us more messages per page. So without having to go all the way to the next page, we'll have more available messages that we get.

The way to do this is as simple as clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner and click Configuration to access the file General. Inside it, let's move to find the section & # 39; Maximum page size & # 39;. By default, it is set to show 50 shouts per page, but we can change this value to show up to 100 messages on a single page. Or do the opposite and limit it to 10 shouts, for example, to have a clearer view in the inbox.

12. How to cancel sending an email message in Gmail

For some time, the email client Gmail offers us the possibility of cancel shipping of a message. Obviously, this can be done once we have clicked the message & # 39; Send & # 39; We do not have much time, unlike instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, but it's useful if we're sorry for the content of it, or we've just made some kind of mistake in this message and we want to fix it.

To do this, once we click the "Submit" button, we will have to immediately click on the notification that appears in the lower left corner of the option Undo. In addition to this option, we'll also look at the details of the information that "The message was sent" and the "View message" option if we want to verify its content once it is sent to its recipient.

13. How to extend the time available to cancel sending a message

In the previous step we saw how you can cancel sending messages in Gmailand we emphasize that the available time is limited. However, we can increase it manually for all messages that we send later. This way we will have more time to click this option Undo. That is, more time to make the decision to cancel shipping and that Gmail supports the decision.

We have to go to the gear icon, Configuration and go to the General until you find the Undo sending. And here we will have the possibility to choose between the terms of 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds at most. This, by the way, affects the & # 39; delay & # 39; with which our messages are sent. If we select 30 seconds, for example, in reality, this will be the time it will take to execute the shipment, but also the term that we will have available for cancel the same and that does not reach the sender.

14. How to completely change the look of Gmail with the "themes"

Although the Gmail is the same for everyone in section 10 of this selection of Gmail tricks we have seen that the appearance can be modified slightly. And if we want to go further, though only in the desktop version of Gmail's email client, we can use & # 39; Themes & # 39;. They are basically pieces that allow us to change the interface completely to the level of the colors and, to a certain extent, distribution of the elements.

We have to click on the gear icon and, from here, open the option Themesbelow only configuration. Once here, we can choose any of the options available by default or click on My Images to choose one with more personalization. After that, we'll see how the background changes from white to the option we've selected in every section of Gmail.

15. How to cancel sign-ups, newsletters, newsletters, and other chain messages in Gmail

As soon as you surf the Internet, they quickly end up asking you email address to register for one service and another. This email address, in many cases, they use for the Mass Expedition advertising bulletins, newsletters, etc. Or maybe, at some point, you yourself have requested these regular messages and are now tired and want to stop receiving them. Well, there is a very simple way to cancel subscriptions, newsletters, and newsletters in Gmail.

You just have to open one of these messages, any of them, and you'll find that right next to the email address who sent the message appears on the Cancel button & # 39;. We just have to click on it and then Gmail you will notify us that the cancellation has been satisfactorily performed. In other cases, we will be redirected to the corresponding page to cancel registration for the newsletter.

16. How to enable Hangouts chat in Gmail for real-time chat, such as WhatsApp

Besides Gmail, Google has many other services. And one of them is an instant messaging system like WhatsApp, which we can install on the phone, for example, with the Hangouts App. But this instant messaging system can also be integrated Gmail, in the desktop version, so that with certain contacts we can speak in a more fluid way and using the same Google account.

We just have to go to the gear icon, open Configuration and go here to the option Chat In this section, we will have to select & # 39; Enable chat & # 39;, and ready. Now let's look at the input tray in the left sidebar that the talkwhich, as we said before, corresponds to the instant messaging system Hangouts and we can also have it on other synchronized devices.

17. How to make Gmail load quickly with slow connections or computers

Although Gmail not an online service that requires a lot of resources, it is possible that Slow Internet Connectionsor on computers with very limited hardware, if we have some performance issues. In this case, the Mountain View company offers the ability to disable JavaScript and HTML5 and thus reduce resource load, simplify viewing and ensure that Gmail loads faster and, in general, work more smoothly.

In the following link you can access the HTML version of Gmail. And if you find it convenient to have this version available for other occasions, it's best to save the URL to your bookmarks, even though the first access already supposes the HTML setting for Gmail. That is, if you want to go back to the normal version, you will need to select it in a specific way later for standard access.

Access the "simple" version of Gmail from here

18. How to automatically reply to all Gmail messages if you go on vacation

When you go on vacation, the most normal thing is that stop using email for a few days. And it is possible that as a partner of it, or simply that you will leave all messages unattended until your return. In this case, Gmail offers the option of creating a Automatic answer for all incoming messages, with a custom message where you can include everything you want.

Click the gear icon, go to Configuration and then go to the Automatic answer Inside of General. Here you have to enable the option, then select the period of time during which it will be active and finally you will have to fill out subject and message. The & # 39; message & # 39; it is a text frame where you can put what you want; notify you that you are on vacation and, for example, leave other contact information –his or another person's for urgent or very important messages.

19. How to use emojis in Gmail from your computer and Android and iOS mobile devices

Although the E-mail I know something "old" obviously has adapted to the times. And yes, in Gmail you can use emojis without fear of the recipient seeing them, or not, because the platform supports them natively and completely. In the case of mobile devices iOS and Android It is easy to use them, because they are placed on the keyboard itself as in any other messaging application, but How to use emojis in Gmail from the computer?

If you look at the pop-up window where write a message e-mail, at the bottom you will find a options bar only on the same line where the button appears Submit in blue. You have to select the icon with a smiley face, and it will open automatically emoji keyboard so you can select what you want, organized in different sections and on the mobile.

20. Controlling who accessed your Gmail account with or without your permission

If you think someone was able to Sign in to your Gmail account, do not worry because you can easily check it out. From the computer, input boxthat is, the main view of Gmail- in the lower right corner you will see that it places & # 39; Last account activity & # 39; and that below we have the Button & # 39; Details & # 39;. If you click it, it will automatically open a window with something similar to what you see in the previous screenshot.

Here it appears of what type of device is logged, when, from which country and with which IP address. If any of the data does not match your activity, someone may have accessed your Gmail account without your consent.

21. All Gmail shortcuts and shortcuts

Writing and Chatting

Action Key combination
Previous message in an open conversation P
Next message in an open conversation n
Select the main window To change + Esc
Select the most recent chat or recording window Esc
Go to the chat or the following word window Ctrl + .
Go to the chat or the previous draft window Ctrl + ,
Submit (I.e./Ctrl + Introduction
Add Recipients to Cc (I.e./Ctrl + Shift + c
Add recipients to CCO (I.e./Ctrl + Shift + b
Access custom sender address (I.e./Ctrl + Shift + f
Insert a link (I.e./Ctrl + k
Go to the next incorrect word (Mac only) (I.e. + ;
Open spelling suggestions (I.e./Ctrl + m

Text Formatting

Action Key combination
Previous source (I.e./Ctrl + Shift + 5
Next source (I.e./Ctrl + Shift + 6
Reduce text size (I.e./Ctrl + Shift + –
Increase font size (I.e./Ctrl + Shift +
Bold (I.e./Ctrl + B
Cursive (I.e./Ctrl + I
Underline (I.e./Ctrl + you
Numbered list (I.e./Ctrl + To change + 7
Bulleted list (I.e./Ctrl + To change + 8
Appointment (I.e./Ctrl + To change + 9
Less bleeding (I.e./Ctrl + [[[[
More Sangria (I.e./Ctrl + ]
Align text to the left (I.e./Ctrl + To change + l
Align text to center (I.e./Ctrl + To change + and
Align text to the right (I.e./Ctrl + To change + r
Exclude format


Action Key combination
Select the toolbar ,
Select conversation x
Add or remove a star / rotate between superstars s
Archive and
Silence the conversation m
Mark as spam !
Delete #
Reply r
Reply in a new window To change + r
Answer everyone one
Reply to all in a new window To change + one
Resend f
Resend in a new window To change + f
Refresh the conversation To change + n
Archive the conversation and go to the previous / next conversation ]O[[[[
Undo the last action z
Mark as Read To change + I
Mark as Unread To change + you
Mark as unread messages from the selected _
Mark as important + O =
Mark as not important
Put offnote: This key combination is not available in the classic version of Gmail. B
Show the whole conversation ;
Hide all conversation :
Add conversation to tasks To change + t
Action Key combination
Show menu H + m
Show archived Hangouts conversations H + one
Show Hangout Conversation Requests H + I
Select the conversation list H + W
Open the phone g + P O H + P

Section changes

Action Key combination
Go to your inbox g + I
Go to Highlights g + s
Go to Envoy g + t
Go to drafts g + d
Go to everyone g + one
Toggle between the Calendar / Maintain / Tasks sidebar and the inbox (I.e./Ctrl + Alt + ,


⌘ / Ctrl + Alt + .

Go to tasks g + k
Go to the label g + l

Selection in conversation list

Action Key combination
Select all conversations * + one
Stop selecting all conversations * + n
Select read conversations * + r
Select unread chats * + you
Select Featured Conversations * + s
Select conversations without highlighting * + t


Action Key combination
Back to the Conversations List you
Latest Conversation k
Previous conversation j
Open chat O O Introduction
Go to the next section of your inbox
Go to the previous section of the inbox ~


Action Key combination
Write W
Compose in a new tab d
Search message /
Search for chat contacts g
Open the "More Actions" menu .
Open the "Move to" menu v
Open the "Label as" menu l
Open the help of the key combinations ?


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